Best Disease/Education Website: 2014

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Best Disease/Education Website: 2014
Best Disease/Education Website: 2014

CDMiConnect and Genentech
“Act FAST” Unbranded Stroke Awareness Campaign from Genentech

Results for CDMiConnect's stroke awareness website for Genentech were outstanding. Unique visitors to the patient website rose 1000% year-over-year. Customizable awareness materials were downloaded 20,000 times in the five months.

The agency also reported that nine months after the overall launch, the percentage of stroke victims who arrived at the hospital in time for optimal treatment rose 25%—the first increase in 17 years.

The landing page for the public features a provocative close-up of a stroke victim having an attack. The headline “This man is having a stroke” conveys the urgency and need to act fast. The signs of stroke—face drooping, arm weakness, speech difficulty—are well articulated, as is the call to action: “Time to call 911.”

The HCP site features easily accessible materials, including assets for media, outreach, social media engagement and a detailed guide to planning and executing a stroke awareness campaign.

Judges applauded the team's great use of visuals to show symptoms as well as the site's clarity, ease-of-use and positive impact on patients.

“Good downloadable material – the content is very usable,” said one judge.

“Great visuals,” noted a second judge. “The site is easy and simple to use to facilitate action.”

CDMiConnect and Genentech
Genentech Rheumatoid Arthritis Franchise Website—

Rich with regularly updated user-generated content, is driving fantastic patient engagement and impressive results. Judges called the site innovative, creative and user-friendly.

CDMiConnect reported the site has driven more than 3,000 social media shares. And RM program registration beat the goal by nearly 30%.


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