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Judges applauded HealthCentral’s creative and original ideas, such as its initiative Live Bold, Live Now, which includes various multimedia programs focused on real patients.

The initiative’s flagship programs — Journey and Turning Points — have received overwhelmingly positive response from audiences and advertisers.

Journey chronicles patients’ journeys from diagnosis to taking control of their health, while Turning Points focuses on conversations between patients and loved ones about pivotal points at which they took control of their condition.

The flagship programs’ success led to the recent launch of three new programs — Memo to Me, My Story, and the Big Picture. One judge was particularly impressed with Memo to Me, in which veteran patients share words of wisdom and recommendations for how to manage conditions.

All Live Bold, Live Now programs are supported with expert content from passionate medical and patient experts.

Remedy Health Media reported that Journey and Turning Points proved effective at inspiring visitors to speak with their doctors and request advertised medications.

One judge lauded overall for its content, innovative features, and high production values.

Last year the site experienced big increases across multiple measures, including unique visitors (30%), organic page views (47%), and average monthly traffic (150%).


Health Union’s new features, such as customized content based on patient personas, helped drive huge increases in monthly site visits, registered members, and ad revenues — 73%, 201%, and 300%, respectively.

Monthly Facebook reach exceeds 1.2 million. Engagement tactics on the channel, including new moderated community conversations, impressed judges.



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