Best Multichannel Campaign (Mid-Size Clients): 2014

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Best Multichannel Campaign (Mid-Size Clients): 2014
Best Multichannel Campaign (Mid-Size Clients): 2014
CDM Princeton/Entrée Health Princeton and ­MedImmune
Synagis “Cradle With Care” Program

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infects 97% of babies before they're two years old. Hospitalizations due to RSV usually require ICU admission, intubation, and mechanical ventilation. Synagis is the only medication proven to significantly reduce severe RSV-­related hospitalizations.

This campaign delivered caregivers numerous customizable tools across multiple ­media to help babies at high risk for severe RSV disease avoid urgent hospitalization.

Tactics included a welcome kit with a Synagis appointment-reminder calendar, milestone stickers and more. A website features essential reminders and provides tailored educational content. Prevention tips, high risk factors and additional supportive content were disseminated via email, direct mail and text message alerts.

“Good research translated into insights that drove effective creative addressing a serious, under-recognized condition,” said one judge.

The campaign has helped drive more than 12,000 enrollments since June 2013, an email open rate that's 300% above industry average and an opt-out rate of just 0.7%.

A CDM Princeton representative also noted that caregivers cited the value of customizable information delivery by medium and topic, as it enables them to stay on top of all relevant details in the manner that fits their lifestyle.

Judges praised the campaign for its targeted use of multiple channels and “integrated waves of communication,” calling it a great example of “accomplishing significant impact for minimal expense.”

Havas Life Metro, Havas Lynx and Eisai
Belviq® Bundle Campaign

This campaign positions Belviq as a major element, along with diet and exercise, in weight-loss treatment. Tactics included rep visits, journal ads and digital and social media outreach.

Result highlights include a 40% increase in new prescriptions and millions of Twitter impressions. “Great integration and impressive results,” one judge noted.


• CDM Princeton/Entrée Health Princeton and MedImmune for Synagis “Cradle With Care” Program

• CDMiConnect and Quest Diagnostics for Quest Diagnostics “Faces of Celiac” Campaign

• Havas Life Metro, Havas Lynx and Eisai for Belviq® Bundle Campaign

• Mylan for Life Happens. Be Prepared.”

• Zeno Group and Merck Vaccines for Lifetime of Vaccines

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