Best Professional Sales Aid: 2014

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Best Professional Sales Aid: 2014
Best Professional Sales Aid: 2014

Artcraft Health and Boehringer Ingelheim & Lilly
Diabetes Print-on-Demand Patient Education Program

This print-on-demand app lets physicians build customized education booklets for diabetes patients. Physicians can choose to populate each booklet with modules that cover two different topics about type 2 diabetes that will best help individual patients manage their condition. Specific information about the physician's practice is printed on the front cover for easy patient reference.

One judge commented that the aid was clear, simple, straightforward and easy to follow.

“A very well-executed way to engage HCPs,” said a second judge. “It's clear and easy to use with great content.”

The program was developed after researching the types of tools pharmaceutical reps need on their tablets to increase the value of physician visits. The aim was to provide a patient-centric resource to facilitate physician access and repeat visits and reorders.

The app resides on sales representatives' tablets. The customized brochures (with holders) are delivered to reps to facilitate a second touch point with physicians when they're delivered directly to the physician's office.

“Application design and navigation is constructed with the sales representative and physician in mind,” explained an agency representative. “The brochure design is bright, patient friendly and adheres to all patient learning and engagement principles.”

Centron and Shionogi
Osphena Sales Aid

Beautiful portraits of women help communicate the importance of treating dyspareunia (painful sex) due to menopause and drive awareness of ­Osphena as the only non-estrogen oral treatment.

Judges felt the aid was clean, clear, engaging and very well integrated with the brand's DTC campaign. “Very well done,” said one judge.


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• Artcraft Health and Boehringer Ingelheim & Lilly for Diabetes Print-on-Demand Patient Education Program

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• Lawrence & Company and Smith & Nephew for REGRANEX® Gel “Energize the Healing”

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