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Interactive MOA (Gazyva)

Selling to oncologists is tough. Many of them are weary of personal visits from sales representatives and their sales aids. To break through and drive a high level of physician interaction, this team created an interactive self-guided digital storytelling experience to explain the unique mechanism of action of Gazyva.

The Gazyva mechanism of action animation requires the viewing doctor to make some sort of hand movement on an iPad to move the story forward. For example, when the doctor physically traces the path of the antibody therapeutic, it triggers a reaction against a cancer cell in the animation. Swiping and other gestures activate visual and auditory reward mechanisms once certain operations are completed.

“A rich, immersive approach to MOA articulation,” one judge noted. “The self-guided storytelling and interactivity are quite impressive.”

Side-by-side views differentiate Gazyva features from its competitors’. An agency representative noted that story nuances that might otherwise go unnoticed were more easily integrated into the narrative because the user is immersed in the visually appealing and interactive world of the therapeutic.

Metrics were unavailable at submission date, but the team reported positive response from sales reps, as well as oncologists and their staffs.


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Secondhand Chemo

A complete presentation platform overhaul resulted in a 36% increase in 2015 sales of the OnGuard Closed System Drug Transfer Device. Improvements included real-time customization, interactive and simplified digital assets, and features that significantly reduce the administrative burden on sales reps. Judges applauded the aid’s content, interactivity, and closed-loop functionality.


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Interactive MOA (Gazyva)

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