Most years, Klick Health celebrates the holidays with a video made for clients, focusing on employees and core values. But in 2020, with staff working from home, it decided instead to build on the success of a previous animated video, illustrating that kindness is contagious.

This time, though, the concept became a public “thank you” to the unsung heroes of the pandemic, focusing on the generosity of one physician. Rather than show her in a hospital, it zeroes in on her tiny good deeds on her block — all observed by neighborhood children from their bedroom windows.

While it used the same ideas and images dozens of marketers used throughout the pandemic, Klick’s unapologetically sweet animation tugged different heartstrings, mostly thanks to the observant little spies. Our judges love the way the story unfolded through the eyes of these neighborhood children.

Kindness, Klick reasons, isn’t just nice. It makes people happier, and that leads to greater health. And its inspiration is even scientific, drawn from a study that suggests “people imitate not only the particulars of positive actions but also the spirit underlying them. This implies that kindness itself is contagious and that it can cascade across people, taking on new forms along the way.” 

The ad, like its hero, did good deeds: With each view on YouTube (up to 10,000), Klick donated $1 to Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organization addressing the most urgent needs of preschool children. It also added Sesame Workshop to the Klick It Forward platform, which rewards Klicksters with charitable dollars to donate to charities of their choice. Who could blame Grover for chiming in with his thanks?