Klick Health  

Adaptive Brand Playbook 

Klick Health’s Adaptive Brand Playbook isn’t just a distillation of 20 years of brand strategy for life-science marketers. It’s a comprehensive overview of everything that matters most in this fast-changing industry, all presented in ways that prove the agency understands how critical first impressions are. Its 230 pages brim with shimmering rainbows, valuable content and awe-inspiring design. 

This content-marketing marvel is based on hours of market research, with Klick finding many pharma companies stumped by technology, hamstrung by cumbersome legacy systems and overwhelmed by how fast pharma is changing.

So the aim of the playbook is to provide content that has stunning visual impact, but also brings value to a very specific subset of life-sciences marketers. Many had never heard of Klick, so the playbook was their first touchpoint, providing a deep dive into how the agency thinks.

A custom-built ABP case greets each reader with an introductory video, featuring eye-popping 3-D animation and motion graphics. It starts with a circle, inviting the reader to enter Klick’s brand world via the made-to-order rainbow holographic film on the cover.

The book includes three top-grade paper stocks, vibrant photography and bold typography. No detail was overlooked, from chrome-dipped hinges to a foam core nesting tray, framing a 21-inch, high-definition video screen.

Judges didn’t just admire the slick graphics and 3-D animation, they loved its bold KPI: The agency says it counted the times it got an unprompted phone call to say, “Holy shit, this thing is incredible.”