Paratek and FCB Health New York

Hospital to Home

ER physicians and infectious disease specialists have long known they’re fighting a losing battle in treating community-acquired bacterial pneumonia and acute bacterial skin infections. The bugs are getting stronger. And the available drugs, often cheaper generics, are losing their effectiveness. 

So Paratek knew that Nuzyra, the first new antibiotic launched in a generation to treat these patients, could help. But it needed an effective, clean and attention-getting site. And it had to appeal to ER doctors, who have very little time for in-person detailing.

Market research demonstrated that this would be challenging. And Nuzyra needed to provide HCPs with a strong rationale to spend time getting to know the brand, given their satisfaction and familiarity with cheap generic antibiotics.

The site had to quickly and thoroughly tell physicians what the drug is, what pathogens it covers, how well it works and how it is dosed. And it needed to convey its key benefit: The ability to transition a patient out of the hospital and back home because of its bioequivalent, once-daily IV and oral formulations.

It also needed to start an ongoing communication with physicians, encouraging sign-ups for news updates, and link them to patient-support programs.

This achieves all those goals, and with simple, elegant design. Nuzyra has generated $11.5 million in net sales in the 11 months since its February 2019 launch. And in Q4, sales reached $5.4 million, an increase of 74% versus prior quarter. Over 80% of commercial lives and greater than 50% of Medicaid lives in the U.S. now have access to the new drug.