Daiichi-Sankyo and Area 23 

10% of a Campaign

With clever use of white space and a little human contortion, this campaign for Daiichi-Sankyo’s Injectafer, an IV treatment for iron-deficiency anemia, finds a way to dramatize an uncomfortable truth about oral iron medication: While these drugs provide ample ingredients, most people are able to absorb just 10% of the benefits.

Spokespeople pretzel themselves into boxes that take up just 10% of the screen or page, allowing the campaign to illustrate how Injectafer can help. 

With two infusions, patients can get 100% of the iron they need — without the daily commitment to oral medication, and chronic gastrointestinal side effects that often come with it. 

“10% of an ad isn’t enough,” the copy in the print ad explains. “10% of the iron you need isn’t, either.”

The effort targets the 35 million Americans suffering with this type of anemia, most of them women over the age of 35. And the multichannel campaign encourages them to ask their doctors about Injectafer.

Our judges love the way this campaign so successfully marries media and creativity and how it uses art, copy and space to make its point. 

One calls the campaign an impressively “fully baked” entry. Most of all, they appreciate the way the campaign lets simple math do the talking. 

And by showing consumers the stark emptiness of the other 90%, the campaign had a mighty impact. It boosted prescriptions by 17% in just three months, making Injectafer the No. 1 IV iron prescribed by OB-GYNs in the U.S.