The perennial king of its category, Medscape continues to deepen and broaden its offerings for physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide, with an audience of 3.6 million. This online medical leader keeps finding new ways to improve its delivery of clinical news and perspectives, point-of-care tools, drug and disease information and continuing medical education. And each change helps HCPs enhance patient care.

Significant investment in new formats means that even as its content grows more robust, it gets easier to navigate, artfully bending to the challenges endemic to healthcare in the digital age. As physicians continue to incorporate tablet and mobile devices into their daily workflows, Medscape’s focus is on improving clinical decision-making tools that seamlessly integrate into a physician’s workday, while still supporting the interactions between physicians and patients. 

The multichannel platform bridges original professional medical content, including review articles, journal commentary, expert columns, patient education articles and book reviews with point-of-care tools, peer-to-peer consults, video perspectives and documentary-style clinical stories. 

Medscape Consult, its physician crowdsourcing tool, has grown to over 590,000 global users. 

Last year, it also debuted Medscape Patient Simulations, providing clinicians with an experiential case-based approach to learning in a rich, immersive environment. And it rolled out ReCap, or research capsule, which are short videos that feature experts who summarize recent developments.