Deep Engagement, Time in Media and Personalized Experience

For ReachMD, connecting with its audience isn’t just about traffic and quantity. Instead, it seeks deep engagement with users. It tries to learn from them, including which media formats they like, the types of content they lean toward, what keeps them in content longer and how long they stay. 

It then uses those learnings to improve the instructional design, enhance content with creative tools, and make sure learning objectives and key points are in the right places. 

These constant enhancements create a win/win. Users get a personalized experience, content recommendations and unique platform features. And clients — agencies, CME companies and pharmaceutical enterprises — get insights that help them generate better content. Together, that changes clinicians’ knowledge, competence and behaviors.

Among ReachMD’s superpowers? A customized user experience, driven by a recommendation engine; a distribution network that gives people access to more than 10,000 podcasts, and a way to check in with a group it calls “Committed Learners,” measured by the time spent in media.

Our judges also like the way it appreciates how varied (and how busy) its audience is. People can either organize their own content playlists, very like those used on Spotify, or access popular playlists made by experts.

And it is the only syndicated 24/7 radio stream for healthcare professionals.

Last year, new content, series, features, products and more videos led to enviable growth. The relative increase in overall site participation grew 59%, and relative increase in video engagements climbed 56%. On-demand engagements advanced 20%, and relative increase in ReachMD Radio listens rose 42%.