Carly Baron


As the leader of Amgen’s Aimovig marketing team in the U.S., Carly Baron has overseen one of the industry’s most shining successes over the past decade. The medication is outperforming industry benchmarks and served nearly 200,000 people with migraines in less than one year. The disease education and Aimovig work has won multiple awards, both for reaching HCPs and consumers.

What makes her achievements more remarkable is that before joining Amgen, she had never led a prescription brand. For nearly 15 years before joining the company, Baron led equity development, brand strategy and commercialization efforts for numerous consumer brands at Johnson & Johnson, with experience on such brands as Tylenol, Motrin, Splenda, Aveeno and Neutrogena. There, she also led the undergraduate marketing leadership development program, recruiting and mentoring others.

At Amgen, she has assembled a diverse and highly talented team in a commercial environment conducive to innovation. The team challenges conventional industry thinking in the service of improved patient care. Based on the launch results, it clearly seems to be working. Of course, Baron would be the first to clarify the launch success was not all “her” work. She would acknowledge the outstanding ideas, talents, tenacity and collaboration within her team, with her Novartis co-commercialization partners and with the carefully selected strategic and creative partners.

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