Stallergenes Greer and W2O  

Extending Stallergenes Greer’s Unsurpassed Service Model with a Robust Digital Ecosystem

Amid increasing competition, Stallergenes Greer was seeking new ways to cement its status as the allergy immunotherapy provider with the best value-added service and education. And it wanted it to wow HCPs with digital innovation.  With more than 100 years of history, research from the allergy immunotherapy manufacturer confirmed that its reputation stemmed from the high level of service and care it offers customers. HCPs liked the one-to-one attention they got from reps, as well as the value-added educational efforts, such as scientist-guided botanical walks offered at live events.

To overcome the increasing commoditization of allergen extracts, it wanted to create a digital ecosystem. It tried to develop high-touch educational experiences, closely mirroring the experiences customers were accustomed to in their one-on-one, personal interactions with reps.

The new ecosystem includes a virtual botanical walk, which guides users through three environments, including prevalent allergenic pollens. Users navigate each environment with video and audio that mimics the forest, pastures and roadsides and delivers education from the brand’s scientists, simulating the experience of taking live botanical walks. 

An interactive pollen allergy map gets an update that makes sure it works on mobile devices and is now searchable by geography, allergen and plant type. The new map generated a 45% increase in site visits, with customers spending about one minute more per visit.

It also added a dilution calculator, which has become increasingly popular. A pet allergy perspectives CRM program saw unique open rates grow upwards of 34% with a click to open rate of over 12%.