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Stop The Sting 

In a campaign that excels in simplicity and strong visual messaging, this work for Synera gets right to the problem it solves: A large percentage of patients who are required to get multiple injections as part of treatment dread needle-stick pain. In fact, the number of people who fear this pain is much higher than healthcare providers believe. Many of them suffer in silence because they think — and have often been told by providers — that pain is just part of the treatment.

Synera, a simple peel-and-stick patch, uses an innovative warming technology to deliver two proven local anesthetic agents that can help prevent pain from a needle stick. It works in about 20-30 minutes and doesn’t require any messy creams or dressings.

The target audience is professionals in the IVF and pediatric oncology markets, where the sheer number, size and frequency of needle-stick pain becomes an issue. The objective is to help build awareness of just how bad the problem is among some patients, and to position Synera as the best solution to help those people cope and continue on with their treatment.

The drama and eye-catching nature of the scorpion set the right tone and the right metaphor to trigger discussion with HCPs. It provided them with an idea of how many of their patients view even a simple injection — with fear, anxiety, reservation and even contempt — and reinforced the urgent need to do something about it to help. The campaign has re-energized the sales team, and the product is on track to surpass its 2019 goals.

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