BVI and Merge 

CustomEyes Configurator

With 1,400 products sold in markets around the world, BVI was struggling with a convoluted sales process. Sales reps were frustrated with antiquated procedures, including a physical catalog to find and enter SKUs into a spreadsheet, emailing orders to support teams for verification and building the sample pack. 

BVI wanted a custom web application that could eliminate the spreadsheets, errors and months of waiting, one that would help the team and its customers.

Built on 18 months of hard work, the results wowed our judges, who call it nothing short of amazing. 

The effort began with interviewing ophthalmic surgeons, nurses, technicians and administrators, as well as ride-alongs with sales reps. The insight? Large gaps existed between the data, content and tools that were available to sales reps, and what physicians and technicians wanted.

Drawing inspiration from configurators in the automotive and fashion world, it imagined an integrated journey that is intuitive and customer-centered. 

Design sprints helped the team understand the problem and develop empathy for the audience. And six weeks of prototyping led to speed and efficiency. 

The difference was astounding. With 100% of the sales team adopting the tool, it’s reduced the time required to accurately configure a pack from 3 hours to 15 minutes. There’s been a 68% reduction in the time required to deliver a sample, a 19% improvement in close rate and an increase in revenue per sample of $988.

 “This is a bespoke, user-centric solution to a substantial sales barrier,” says one judge. “They nailed the experience, and the results speak for themselves.”