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Juvéderm It

When Juvéderm set out to introduce itself to a millennial audience, it knew it had to find a new approach. Even though Juvéderm leads the filler category in awareness and usage, it wasn’t being asked for or talked about by name. And while this younger audience had the same concerns as older users — they worry about cost, fear of looking like you had “something done” or looking botched — the ubiquity of selfie culture signaled a new age for the product.

Knowing that people will go to great lengths to get that perfect selfie and put themselves on display for the world to see, it decided to put that feeling and emotion into ads, with Juvéderm as an integral part of it. Judges loved this campaign for its razor-sharp targeting: First, ads addressed its Gen X core audience as pragmatic and self-reliant, who want to be the best version of themselves. But it also broadened its message to welcome millennials, who are individualistic, impulsive and influenced by peers.

With the objective of having both groups ask for Juvéderm by name, generating awareness and increasing sales, ads convey the idea that beauty is no longer something to chase, but something to choose. With the Beauty of Choice, it highlights the product’s transformational potential, helping people take action and feel in control.

The spot is pure feeling, with Gen X and millennial women strutting, owning and looking proud and fierce. It’s for the “do-ers” not the “do-I’s,” the “smoothers” not the “should I’s” and the “pout-ers” not the “doubters.” 

The campaign exceeded expectations, with unique site visits increasing by 174% and “find a doctor” clicks climbing 243%.

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