Allergan and AbelsonTaylor 

Bad — You Got This

In an era when many female-empowerment ads go over the top, judges say this campaign for Botox Chronic Migraine hit the sweetest spot of all: portraying migraine sufferers as they really are.

While the medication was approved back in 2010, unaided brand awareness was stuck in the low double digits. To create consumer interest among women age 35 to 54 with chronic migraines, it knew it was reaching out to a group of mighty tough mothers. 

On average, they have 15 or more headache days each month, eight of which are migraines that last more than four hours. In other words, they endure headaches that eat up half their lives. They’re also stoic, powering through work, social events and taking care of their families.

But the problem is that many of those who live with migraines see Botox as a last resort. Some think of it as a serious treatment they were saving for when things get worse. Others are concerned about the treatment itself. Brand research found they would suffer for 10 years or more with debilitating migraines, constantly disrupting their lives, before they would consider Botox.

So the Bad — You Got This campaign seeks to acknowledge that toughness, letting them know they are fierce enough to handle BOTOX injections. And it wanted them to shake off their complacency and ask their providers for Botox.

The effort triggered a 66% increase in site traffic in the first month, with searches for Botox specialists increasing 11% month over month.

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