Stand Up To Cancer and D2 Creative

Stand Up To Cancer Illuminations

Stand Up To Cancer funds Dream Teams to accelerate cancer research, bringing different institutions together to advance new treatments. But it cannot realize those goals without clinical trials, and just 3% to 5% of adult cancer patients participate. The numbers are even more dismal among minority groups. Many trials are even stopped due to lack of patients, making it more difficult to bring new treatments to market.

To change that, Stand Up To Cancer created a new Clinical Trials section of its website. The goal is to dispel myths about clinical trials, as well as encourage more diversity among trial participants. D2 Creative, working with patient advocacy group Mill Pond Communications, created 14 short videos, explaining clinical trials and types of treatment.

While it was essential that material be scientifically sound, true to the SU2C brand and earn approval from the scientific and leadership teams, it also had to “take out the scary.” 

For example, patients need to understand they aren’t “guinea pigs” at the mercy of a research team and that the use of placebos are exceedingly rare in cancer clinical trials. 

The Illuminations videos blend character animation, visual metaphors and even a touch of humor. Visuals are simple and backgrounds muted, reducing distractions. Because characters don’t speak, this helps to streamline the translation process.

Stand Up To Cancer is using the videos on its site and on YouTube, as well as offering them to other nonprofits to promote understanding of cancer clinical trials. The team expects the animations to continue to gain clicks and views as a result.