Eli Lilly and Area 23  

Get Up Alarm Clock

Most people have never heard of soft tissue sarcoma until the moment they’re faced with the reality of a rare, advanced-stage, terminal diagnosis. The diagnosis is devastating, and it is a moment that people are totally unprepared for. It knocks people down, leaving patients emotionally paralyzed. Many retreat to the privacy of their bedrooms, and have a hard time getting back up. 

Lilly, which makes and markets Lartruvo, a treatment for this type of cancer, wanted to help in ways that transcend pharmacologic intervention. Patient research revealed that people felt most empowered when they started each day with strength, and when they could connect with the people they love most.

The solution? The Get Up Alarm Clock, the world’s first social media-connected clock. It allows friends, family and people around the world to send direct messages to a patient’s Twitter account, projecting them on the ceiling during the designated wake up time. 

For people with this disease, staying in the right frame of mind isn’t easy but it dictates the entire course of the day. The clock can make the difference between literally staying in bed and succumbing to the depression, versus feeling strong enough to get up and live.

The company introduced this empathetic and creative experience with a film following one patient, who got more than 1,000 personalized messages inspiring her to get up every day. Maggi’s husband summed up the potential of this initiative best: “I will play this video at her funeral.”

Sponsored by: Elevate Healthcare