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Nuplazidconnect What to Expect Video 

Parkinson’s disease affects between 4 to 6 million worldwide, and most people are aware of its physical impact — rigidity and trembling of the head, arms and legs. But nonmotor symptoms are also very common, including Parkinson’s disease psychosis, characterized by disturbing sensory hallucinations and/or delusions. These fixed false beliefs — that a patient’s spouse is being unfaithful, for instance — are one of the leading reasons that patients are institutionalized. About 50% of patients with PD may experience PD psychosis, creating severe emotional hardship for both patients and caregivers.

Caregivers have a lot of responsibility, but it’s a difficult role. They have to balance the patient’s medical needs with the overall caregiver/patient relationship. This can leave them feeling isolated and alone. “Losing” the person they love to this degenerative illness compounds the burden. 

While Nuplazid is a first-in-class treatment, it is more expensive and logistically challenging than other treatments. To show patients and caregivers firsthand that the Nuplazidconnect journey can be uncomplicated, this effort helps them understand that they have access to clinical and financial assistance, as well as help getting their important therapy delivered.

Both patients with PD and their caregivers need a trustworthy narrator. A video allows patients to watch and re-watch to be sure they get all the information they need. Using a first-person perspective allows the patient to feel in control, while giving the caregiver the opportunity to see the experience through their loved one’s eyes.