GlaxoSmithKline, DMD Marketing, MRM-McCann and CMI/Compas  

Shingrix Personal Intelligence Marketing Relationship Marketing Campaign for HCPs

The Shingrix shingles vaccine got FDA approval in October 2017, so GSK’s Personal Intelligence Marketing campaign had to do some heavy lifting. It needed to make sure providers understood its efficacy and safety as well as recommendations for proper handling and administration. The campaign’s success came from an extraordinary use of analytics, customization and sophisticated segmentation, placing targeted HCPs in communications “journeys.” Those ranged from those new to the vaccine to full-fledged brand advocates. It then targeted HCPs with personalized, relevant messaging.

DMD Marketing, a healthcare identity data provider, worked with creative agency MRM-McCann and media agency CMI Media, capturing data attributes along the way, sending the next best action/message based on content that had previously been consumed. Using marketing automation and trigger-based media, the program aims at efficiency, activating on data every single day, based on customer behavior the previous day.

Starting with the website, emails and banners, messaging progressed to alerts, journal “covertips” exposure, direct mail, 3rd party content engagement, sales representative activity and Rx/Claims data.

With the goal of connecting with targeted HCPs in a personal, relevant manner — at the right time and in the right channel — it also aims to optimize each HCP’s path, moving them from the “trialist” to “advocate,” increasing both affinity and revenue for the brand.

Early results indicate that the timeliness and relevancy of the PIM program lead to a doubling of email engagements, touching 14% of the targeted audience across all channels. And once a provider interacts with the program, most (66%) did so more than two times.