AbbVie, Intouch Solutions and Merkle

Skyrizi: Personalized, Omnichannel HCP Marketing Boosts a Blockbuster Launch

Even though biologic therapies have been a game changer in treating psoriasis, many of the 8 million people diagnosed with the condition still don’t have clear skin. In launching Skyrizi into this crowded market, AbbVie knew it had to come out of the gate strong. And with the legacy of Humira and the new drug’s product benefits, it has the opportunity to drive early adoption and switching among dermatologists. Doing so required a relationship marketing strategy that was data-informed.

First, the team dove into behavioral segmentation, attitudinal research, launch analogues, prescribing data and trends and a competitive analysis. From there, it formed an understanding of both early-adopter mindsets and tactics that might make high prescribers switch. 

It kept the message simple and consistent: “Durable, Rapid, Clear, 4 doses a year.” But the omnichannel program used a customer-centric and connected experience to reach HCPs at key stages. 

It leveraged both data and technology to identify targets engaged in “moments that matter.” And it required stepping away from the one-size-fits-all campaigns that dominate non-personal promotion.

The launch surpassed the prescriber and net sales goals by 19% and 15%, respectively, in its first seven months. And it generated $215 million in sales in Q4.

Judges laud its well-executed strategic deployment, and especially its creative use of CRM. “This was a strong campaign,” says one, with “crisp, clear and compelling creative and messaging delivered to the target in a way that got real results.”