Crystal Gouldey  


Crystal Gouldey started her healthcare career in 2017, and in a few short years has demonstrated purpose, vision and passion for what she wants to achieve in healthcare marketing. Overcoming health challenges, she is also an inspiration as a human being, with an admirable focus on patients.

She works in a sandbox — one that’s made for testing, tweaking and growth-hacking. She’s the queen of A/B analyses and has been a major part of ReachMD’s successes over the past year, where she ably serves both B2B and B2C users. That is Gouldey’s focus every day: to make sure the company addresses the needs of users and sponsors alike and mastering the email channel to help achieve that.

Her leadership and mentorship stand out. Colleagues turn to her for answers, they seek out her counsel, and they thrive in her philanthropic mindset. Gouldey continuously improves her knowledge across the marketing-technology industry. Thanks to her, two oncologists can receive two different emails, because one prefers video and the other likes to read.

Gouldey knows how to growth-hack through sophisticated email marketing platforms and data. She played a key role in design, distribution, customization and measurement of email as a channel, with a 50% growth in users and a 96% growth in email open rates.

Although recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she is active in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, is a domestic violence advocate and as a volunteer with Horse Angels rescue group, is a friend to animals everywhere. (Just ask Bubbles, her beloved pony.)

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