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Place your brand where the HCP is prescribing: the EHR

The growth of EHR and ePrescribing platforms has forever changed how a physician spends their day.  The Pharma sales environment is changing, and EHRs are now the Provider's dominant channel. 

Is your brand engaging HCPs in their workflow, where they spend most of their time?


Actionable Insights and Analytics: Market Intelligence Can 

Help Manufacturers Transform Patient  Engagement and Optimize Outcomes: 

To proactively address patient challenges and ensure optimal health outcomes, drug manufacturers invest significantly in patient support resources and education at various points throughout the patient journey.

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Copay Coupon Distribution Channel Effectiveness and Preference

In the early days of copay programming, offers were largely delivered via tangible plastic or paper cards.

Now, according to an August 2017 survey, 52% of prescribers specifically stated that they want access to coupons

across two or more channels.

Review this guide to learn how you can optimize your copay channel strategy as you create and deploy support programs.