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The New Healthcare Hub: The Pharmacy's Role in Patient Engagement and Adherence

Pharmacies are undergoing a remarkable transformation, and in
the process are emerging as a central resource for healthcare products and services. Marketers must learn to embrace this opportunity and work with the pharmacy sector in order to engage with patients at the moment they are making informed care decisions.  In this white paper from Rx EDGE, marketers will learn how to:
  • Support brand goals to deliver more targeted and effective messages to patients at a lower cost
  • Put in-depth, high-quality information where patients can easily see it at the moment they make treatment decisions
  • Take advantage of the pharmacy's many new services to better engage with patients

Enhancing Therapeutic Alliance and Promoting Shared Decision Making

Health psychology experts at Atlantis Healthcare explore a unique approach that incorporates physical, behavioral, emotional, and cognitive care.  Learn more...

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Improving Adult Vaccination Rates Through EHR Workflow Messaging

This paper describes how point-of-care, real-time alerts, can be an effective way of encouraging health care providers to  promote vaccinations and help improve vaccination rates in older patients.

Download this case study to see how effective workflow-integrated messaging and reminders can be.