With a nearly 30-year career spanning leadership roles across Big Pharma, healthcare startups and the patient support space, Chris Dowd is a forward-looking leader with two clear areas of focus: making specialty medications more affordable and helping people around him succeed. A recognized leader in the space, Dowd has been on the forefront of virtually every development in the patient copay industry over the past decade, cofounding the Copay, Reimbursement and Access Congress with CBI in 2012, and since then leading the conference to evolve with the market.

Dowd has been a preeminent voice in patient access and adherence, providing insights into trends such as accumulator adjustment programs, the changing landscape of copay and digital patient engagement. Because of his career arc — evolving from copay to EMR to the patient support hub space — Dowd is consistently able to work with colleagues to improve patient services and help develop new options that benefit patients and providers alike.