Amy Morin began her writing career with Verywell as a “topic writer” back in 2002 when it was still called, rising all the way to become the brand’s editor-in-chief in 2020. As a bestselling author and licensed clinical social worker, Morin oversees Verywell Mind — the largest mental health resource on the internet — with particular expertise, offering science-backed information that readers can trust. She works closely with the editorial team, leaning on her years of mental health experience to produce content such as “Ask a Therapist,” designed to help readers cope with adverse circumstances.

As host of the award-winning Verywell Mind Podcast, Morin interviews notable guests who exemplify mental strength, introducing listeners and readers to the strength-building strategies that helped them think, feel and do their best in life. The Verywell Mind Podcast has increased its downloads 52% month over month since launch and is available in 130 countries.