Frank Russomano’s colleagues say he has the power to predict the future. Nearly 30 years ago, he had a vision for digital education that grew to become the nation’s largest women’s health professional education provider. This platform transformed into US HealthConnect, a 14-subsidiary global enterprise with 250-plus employees who design, implement and measure the impact of education on clinicians and deliver solutions to pharmaceutical companies. Arguably one of Russomano’s greatest leadership examples is the acquisition of ReachMD. He and his team turned a small business (revenue <$1 million) into a global media brand with multiple Gold wins as MM+M’s Best Healthcare Professional Media Brand.

Russomano believes in an open-door policy, making himself accessible to every employee. He initiated the USH President’s Club Celebration, which recognizes top quarterly sales winners who each invite a colleague from an operations position to join the celebration, acknowledging that sales success is a company-wide achievement.