From his early days at healthcare startups to his substantial work for some of the industry’s most fast-paced biopharmaceutical companies, Jay Appel has maintained a commitment to results-driven innovation. At BMS, Appel has reimagined and reinvented the rep toolset and continues to break new ground in non-personal promotion. His recent initiatives have made mobile-first thinking and content-flexibility standard protocol. In developing more engaging visual aids for sales reps, Appel oversaw the reimagining of the BMS sales experience through co-creation with both the salesforce and their customers — ultimately providing a framework that delivers a clean and flexible iVA across the BMS portfolio.

Colleagues admire Appel for his ability to achieve the impossible. When it’s thought that something can’t be done in pharma, they say he’ll find a way to show that it can — and then follows up with the data to prove that it worked.