Pharmaceutical executives pleased with election results

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Pharma executives were pleased and relieved by Tuesday's election
results, saying President Bush's win guarantees the Medicare prescription drug program will be carried out by officials who support it, a New York Times report said.
If John Kerry had won, he would have tried to revise the law and
appoint a new team of health officials, executives said.
"I want to make sure that the Medicare reforms that we've put in
place remain robust, to help us make sure Medicare is available for generations to come," Bush said at a news conference on Thursday.
Ian Spatz, a Merck vice president, told the Times Bush's re-election
would be conducive to successful implementation of the law. "Bush
administration officials are heavily invested in the law because they supported its passage. This is an administration that's looking for the law to succeed, not to prove it will fail," Spatz said.
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