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6 campaigns that blend user-experience, empathy and motivational messaging


  • Greg-Dosman-MicroMass

    Greg Dosman, MicroMass

    The PIXAR movie, Inside Out, portrays imaginative characters living in our heads to help us recognize our emotions. These characters are little, but the emotions they represent are big—and powerful. Emotions drive our actions and motivations. And these feelings impact behavior. As patients take a more active role in their care, pharma brands must tune in to how emotions affect lifestyle choices. Compelling creative can do more than elicit emotions, it can humanize and shape patient experiences. The creative plays a critical role in blending user-experience, empathy, and motivational messaging to help patients navigate emotions, change behavior, and improve lives. These ads strike a chord, check them out!

  • Nasacort-TakeBackNose-2

    Sanofi, Taxi Montréal

    The shock value of this ad caused me to “paws” and empathize with those that suffer from allergies. I’m not allergic to our feline friends but a hairball of this magnitude is nothing to sneeze at. There’s no need for a headline when you have a visceral illustration to tell the story, while minimal copy reinforces the call-to-action.

  • Nr-axSpA-MonsterInDark

    Novartis, Neon

    Can fear motivate change? This ad is spooky and effective. I wouldn’t want anyone to live with inflammatory back pain lurking in the shadows of this rheumatologic disease. Personifying the condition as a creepy but alluring monster makes this illustration hard to ignore. The suffering depicted on the patient should wake up rheumatologists to take action.

  • Nplate-DontWait

    Amgen, GSW, NY

    There is a sense of urgency for HCPs to treat ITP ASAP. In an instant, we’re mentally transported from the exam room to a moment that matters. The props, spotlights, textures, and spatial design enhance the immersive ambiance of the “in-camera shot”. I can feel the serenity of treatment-free remission. Who’s ready to dive in?

  • 4-MigraineComplex-Eli Lilly, McCann Health NY

    Eli Lilly, McCann Health NY

    Migraines are a neurological Rubik’s Cube. This inventive twist-a-thon embodies the complex disease. My head hurts just thinking about the three-dimensional VFX mapping, CGI rendering, and intensive retouching that went into this ad. For a VFX treat, discover the unsettling—yet stunning—launch video for this campaign. Imagine playing a Salvador Dali version of Tetris.

  • Mucinex-BeBraveBeBoring

    RB Health, McCann

    The Coronavirus pandemic has stirred up stir-crazy emotions. This ad literally drives these emotions home with a sense of levity. It reminds us that we all have superhuman strength to save lives by simply staying home. The visual trickery—with character blending—cleverly makes use of the negative space and the resulting illusion made me do a double take.

  • Dream Foundation, Harrison and Star

    Dream Foundation, Harrison and Star

    For someone who has less than a year to live, the joy of making a final dream come true is imaginable through the Dream Foundation. The beach scene is a collection of intricate CGI coins and origami-shaped bills that illuminate a special moment for someone facing a terminal illness. Engage for a good cause. Every little bit helps.