Dossier offers one-stop shop for new drug insights

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Introduced last week, MM&M's New Drug Dossier is enjoying a successful debut, as pharmaceutical marketers continue to recognize the utility of this business intelligence tool.

Designed to offer authoritative promotional and clinical insights on newly approved drugs in one online resource, the New Drug Dossier culls together marketing insights from MM&M with clinical information from Monthly Prescribing Reference (MPR). Every time a new drug is approved, a dossier will be compiled, and subscribers will be alerted to it by e-mail. Regular updates to the information ensure timeliness.

“MM&M is the first to bring together both clinical insights and promotional intelligence for newly approved products and offer it to marketers as a single resource,” said editor-in-chief James Chase. “And because the information is updated regularly, subscribers will always have instant access to the latest agency rosters, market data and approved indications for each new product.”
The tool also draws on IMS Health for financial charts, the GfK US Healthcare Companies for a physician prescribing outlook and Adis R&D Insight (part of Wolters Kluwer Health) for late-stage pipeline candidates.

The full range of information is supplemented by the following additional drug information from MPR: class, indication, active ingredient, pharmacology, clinical trials, adverse reactions and more.

Readers can view a sample dossier, as well as sign up for a subscription to the full New Drug Dossier archive, which contains dossiers on drugs launched in 2007. New dossiers will be based on new molecular entities, combinations thereof and select new indications. Act now for a special introductory rate.

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