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Twenty five percent of type 2 diabetics are either missing insulin doses or giving themselves the wrong amount, reported Novo Nordisk Tuesday. The findings come from a global study, called Global Attitudes of Patients and Physicians, or GAAP2, that also found more than one-third of the polled patients experienced hypoglycemia in the 30-day polling period which ran from January through March of this year. The low-blood sugar condition is related to taking the wrong amount of insulin, and those who missed a dose were more likely to report treating themselves for hypoglycemia during the 30-day polling period than those who kept up with their medication. The survey polled 3,042 type-two diabetes patients and 1,653 healthcare professionals. Novo said in a statement that it will release the full data set later this year.

Facebook's sponsored stories appear to be paying off, reported eMarketer, which sourced its numbers from Marin Software. The findings show a worldwide increase in Facebook's click through rates, costs per clicks and costs per thousands between April 2011 and March 2012. eMarketer thinks the sponsored stories – ads that show up in user's news feed – could be behind the jump.

James Hartman slid into his new job as VP Medical Dermatology for Merz Tuesday. The alum of Obagi Medical Products and Stiefel Laboratories will oversee the company's medical and OTC portfolio, which includes the fungal fighter Naftin (Naftifine HCl) and the scar/stretch-mark product Mederma. Hartman worked with CEO and President Bill Humphries while at Stiefel. Humphries joined Merz in March. A company statement indicated more senior appointments are expected.
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