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Address: 318 Blackwell Street, Suite 260, Durham, NC 27701
Phone: 919-680-0011
New Business Contact: Marty Murphy 3rd, 919-200-3727 or

Company Profile

Published by AlphaMed Press, The Oncologist® is the premier independent oncology journal at the intersection of research and clinical practice that provides a vast library of practice-changing content. AlphaMed Press offers dynamic medical advertising opportunities via its exclusive mobile app and online platforms. The Oncologist App is the first peer-reviewed journal app to present full-text and multimedia functionality, which includes a podcast platform featuring key thought leaders. The Oncologist online platforms receive over 250,000 visitors per month, providing complete access to current and archived journal content and incorporating interactive ads to targeted audiences.

Services and Offerings

Engaging. Interactive. Effective.

AlphaMed Press partners with clients to build a comprehensive, interactive marketing program, optimizing brand exposure and engagement.

  • Brand & business unit interactive ads
  • Opt-in product information directly emailed from The Oncologist App to users
  • Centralized distribution 
  • Insightful analytics

The Oncologist App

The Oncologist App provides an enhanced reader experience with integrated rich media features. Users can download podcasts of journal articles and browse a media library of videos from congresses, symposia, and roundtables of oncology experts. By offering the best of The Oncologist on mobile devices, physicians can enjoy on-demand access to the most current, practice-changing clinical information.

The Oncologist App utilizes the latest mobile technology to offer an industry-exclusive, interactive advertising channel with the ability to connect with audiences like never before. Advertisers can utilize this channel to educate physicians on the complex ecosystem of oncology pharmaceutical companies, disease states, and brands. The ­Oncologist App enables users to navigate and interact with product-specific, multimedia content that includes efficacy, study design, safety, dosing, and MOD/MOA. It also allows marketers to deploy surveys, quizzes, games, and event ­registration.

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