January 2011 Issue of MMM

January 2011 Issue of MMM

January 2011

Editor's Desk

Power and responsibility

Did you know that in India more human legs are lost each year to diabetes--around 40,000--than are lost to landmines across the entire world? Neither ...


2011 MM&M Company of the Year: Novo Nordisk

It seems fitting that Novo Nordisk's logo features that blue bull, which is the embodiment of an Egyptian god of science and art but could ...

2011 MM&M Agency of the Year: Draftfcb Healthcare

At a time when many agencies considered it a feat just to keep the lights on, Draftfcb Healthcare brought on about 160 fresh faces, launched ...

2011 MM&M Large Marketing Team of the Year: Seroquel

Facing patent expiry for its Seroquel antipsychotic in 2012, AstraZeneca won approval for an XR formulation, which won't see generic competition until 2017.

2011 MM&M Small Marketing Team of the Year: OxyContin

Here's a story you don't hear every day: A blockbuster brand sees its patent challenged by generics makers, who win in court and proceed to ...

2011 MM&M Media Brand of the Year: NEJM

As the globally esteemed and influential NEJM approaches its 200th anniversary in 2012, it's more accessible, engaging and relevant than ever before.

From Ads to Apps

As customers continue to demand service and dialogue from manufacturers, the pharmaceutical industry and its agency partners must adapt to a world favoring apps over ...

Vantage Point

Vantage Point

Close your eyes. Imagine you're listening to someone from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services asking US healthcare providers how to create an entity


Antidote: aspirin

Good old aspirin, therapeutic compound derived from willow bark, take a well-deserved bow. Well-publicized cases of aspirin induced bleeding are not the topic du jour.

In Focus

Cautious year for FDA yields few blockbusters

The FDA stretched out the timing of approvals last year as the safety concerns made it increasingly hard to take a yes-no stand on pipeline ...

Professional Marketing

Roche details job cuts, shifts Tamiflu

Roche detailed its "operational excellence" cost-cutting program in a statement, confirming a total workforce reduction of 4,800 jobs, plus another 1,500 positions being either transferred ...

Former rep to argue First Amendment protection in court

A federal appeals court has agreed to hear oral arguments about whether the First Amendment protects a sales rep's ability to share information about off-label ...

Professional Marketing briefs

Featuring news about Bausch & Lomb, Allergan and GlaxoSmithKline

Med Ed Report

BU/Haymarket deliver 'PI light' CME

Serial, active learning may be the most powerful, but creating a program that promotes performance improvement in a distance-learning setting poses a challenge.

MA lists $35.7M in payments to HCPs

Massachusetts debuted data on payments made by drug and device manufacturers to healthcare providers for educational programs, speaking, consulting and other services.

Pilot/phony MD gets grounded

William Hamman, a pilot who claimed to be a cardiologist, received millions in research fees, grants and salaries over 15 years before a routine background ...

Med Ed Report briefs

Featuring news about ProPublica, The Alliance for CME, Med-IQ and the ACCME

Professional Media

Sage adds titles in Therapeutic series

Medical publisher Sage launched two new titles in its Therapeutic Advances series: Therapeutic Advances in Drug Safety and Therapeutic Advances in Hematology.

The Oncologist launches two apps

The Oncologist, a monthly cancer journal published by AlphaMed Press, launched new mobile applications for the iPhone and iPad.

Professional Media briefs

Featuring news about Quadrant HealthCom, Thomson Reuters, GeneGo and Elsevier

Partner Forum

Will journals take online dollars?

Revenge of the dead trees? If journals begin 2011 like they started off 2010, with an infusion of pharma ad dollars, will their revival draw ...

Digital Media

Pharma tactics 'unfair,' say advocates

Pharma advertisers use an array of tactics to gather information about online health seekers in a way that is unfair and deceptive, consumer advocates have ...

Few patients look to pharma sites for health info: survey

Patients taking a medication and looking online for health information tend to avoid pharmaceutical company sites, according to an online survey conducted by Accenture.

Digital Media briefs

Featuring news about Merck, Text4baby, Johnson & Johnson, Physicians Interactive and comScore

Consumer Marketing

DDR on DTC: Uloric

I suppose many people think of gout as just another example of the indulgences of the past decade finally catching up with aging Baby Boomers.

Lovitz, J&J have fun with seriousness of psoriasis

Johnson & Johnson's Centocor Ortho Biotech is launching a psoriasis awareness campaign featuring sufferer Jon Lovitz.

32% of firms lack social media plan

Two-thirds of life science company executives use social networking or plan to on behalf of their companies, a recent Deloitte survey said.

Marketing Research

Vermont data ban struck down in federal court

A federal appeals court reversed a district court ruling that limited the use of prescriber-identifiable data in Vermont, signaling a victory for plaintiffs IMS Health, ...

Clients star in new SK&A webisodes

Research firm SK&A launched a new web video series to spotlight its healthcare marketing strategies.

Agency Business

WPP shops collaborate on digital firm

Two WPP shops--ghg and digital specialty VML--are collaborating on an answer to Publicis' digi-behemoth Digitas.

CDM beams Barich back to 42nd Street

Cline, Davis & Mann is beaming CDM Princeton president Kyle Barich back to the New York mothership to serve as director of client services.

Durex moves to Euro in review

Reckitt Benckiser shifted global advertising for Durex to Euro RSCG Life Worldwide, Advertising Age reported.

Agency Business briefs

Featuring news about WPP, Publicis Healthcare Communications Group, Creston PLC, Topin & Associates and Vox Medica

Beltway Insider

As I see it

While there has been a flurry of proposals to repeal, change or fix the Affordable Care Act, many stakeholders have come together to repeal the ...

2010 a record year for FDA fines, forfeitures

During fiscal year 2010 the federal government won a record $3 billion-plus in fines, forfeitures and related actions against drug firms and other FDA-regulated companies, ...

Appeals court reverses J&J decision

FDA's chief litigator said he is focusing on corporate chief executives for personal prosecution in cases of flagrant off-label product promotions.


Targeted marketing isn't 'unfair and deceptive'

In a recent move a consortium of organizations filed a complaint with the FTC alleging that, "Health marketers are using digital data on consumers to ...

Pharma marketers using iPad to their advantage

Companies worldwide see the iPad as the latest tool to connect with customers, and the healthcare industry is no exception. However, rather than as a ...

Back Talk

The changing role of brands

A brand is more than just a symbol, slogan or trade name. It transcends logos and visual identities. Brands establish identity, provide differentiation and, most ...