June 2013 Issue of MMM

June 2013 Issue of MMM

JUNE 2013 Issue

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A measure of change

The actual amounts may be small, but the direction of the swing is undeniable

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Devices & Diagnostics: A View to a Pill

5 breakthroughs at the intersection of devices and diagnostics that promise to make healthcare more effective and accessible. Matthew Arnold reports

Healthcare Marketers Trend Report: The Big Shift

Don't be fooled by flat spend—big changes are happening. James Chase offers key insights from an exciting new study

Mobile Apps: The App Score

As consumer mHealth apps have become more plentiful, Joe Shields asks whether we've all gone "app-crazy," or if apps have a real role to play ...

Direct Marketing: Message in a Bottle

As doctors' needs evolve, message delivery must align more with their preferences. Mark Grove and Joanne Flynn share a fresh approach for meeting the challenges ...

Headliner: Sanjay Gupta, MD, Everyday Health

"You can tell people to live a healthy lifestyle, but a lot of people don't know what that means"

Therapeutic Focus

Therapeutic Focus 2013: Infectious Diseases

Science is yielding all-oral therapies that can cure hepatitis C in three months, without injected interferon. But there are potential headwinds. Noah Pines sorts out ...

Vantage Point

Vantage Point: The value of market research

For the client-side market researcher, "doing more with less" is a mantra, if not a corporate way of life

In Focus

Pharmas accept reality of external R&D

There's been a paradigm shift among buy-side companies, which have finally accepted the fact that external R&D is going to be a big part of ...

Professional Marketing

Novartis events draw DOJ lawsuits

The Justice Department has accused Novartis' US unit of offering opulent dinners and paying physicians as an enticement to prescribe its drugs.

Rx aid for morning sickness makes return after 30 years

A prescription morning sickness drug combining doxylamine succinate and pyridoxine hydrochloride is returning to US pharmacies after a 30-year absence.

Professional Marketing briefs: June 2013

News on Pfizer, Amgen, Eli Lilly and Merck

Med Ed Report

BI, Lilly diabetes push keeps it simple

Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly rolled out a pre-launch med-ed campaign to differentiate their positioning in the SGLT2 diabetes drug class.

MSLs deployed in launch of Navidea diagnostic agent

Navidea Biopharmaceuticals is launching Lymphoseek, its diagnostic agent used to check for cancer spread, with medical affairs, promotional education and CME aimed at the nuclear ...

Med Ed Report briefs: June 2013

News on the Australian Medical Association, Sanofi, GAME, Novartis and KnowledgePoint 360

Professional Media

Velcade uses "iPatient" to spur sales

Velcade has rolled out an "iPatient" sales app to help invigorate the brand

Doximity adds an iPad app—and 40,000 new members

Professional physician network Doximity hit two milestones this spring: membership hit 160,000 US physicians and the network released an iPad app that will help doctors ...

Professional Media briefs: June 2013

News on Oxford University Press, Barash's Clinical Anesthesia and UBM Medica

Partner Forum

How can digital fill clinical trials?

What are some ways that pharma could use websites, analytics and social media to boost enrollment in clinical trials?

Digital Media

WebMD searching for new business

WedMD has revealed several changed that it has in the works following the departure of CEO Cavan Redmond

E-details soar as pharmas continue to slash sales forces

Reps remain the center of the universe when it comes to professional promotion, but new data show that non-personal promotion is gaining ground.

Digital Media briefs: June 2013

News on Pfizer, Google, Smart Patients and FDA

Consumer Marketing

Genzyme film focuses attention on Fabry disease

Genzyme is taking rare disease awareness to another level with a documentary film, dubbed "Facing Fabry Together," that follows four families grappling with the genetic ...

DDR on DTC: QuillivantXR

Pfizer, once a mighty powerhouse of DTC innovation, has been relegated (or should I say regulated?) to running an "ad-like object" for its new ADHD ...

Social media up as a search tool

Data from Kantar Media and Manhattan Research suggest that social media is increasingly being used to search for so-called "health" data.

Marketing Research

Study finds link between innovation and revenue

A study, offers for the first time, according to researchers, empirical evidence of the link between a company's culture from a commercial-operations standpoint and revenue ...

Consultants see big growth in India

Double-digit growth and a fragmented healthcare system in India have spurred consultancies and data firms, although experts say pricing for services varies widely.

Agency Business

PHCG plans a return to growth: CEO

Publicis Healthcare Communications Group (PHCG) is hoping to return to growth after a tame 2012, its CEO said.

CAHG and Diaceutics partner on personalized medicine

CAHG is partnering with Diaceutics Limited to develop a practice around personalized medicines.

Agency Business briefs: June 2013

News on Digitas Health New York, Compass Healthcare Marketers, Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Edelman and Allergan

Beltway Insider

As I See It: The battle for better compliance

While there are successes in the battle for better adherence/compliance, we're losing the war

FDA: Industry clamoring for breakthrough status

FDA director of drug evaluation and research Janet Woodcock says she is amazed that FDA has had more than 30 requests for its new breakthrough ...


How pharma can adapt to new business models

Marketing 3.0 calls for thinking in parallel rather than following the linear path of traditional paradigms

Private View

Private View: Letting the Words Tell the Story

Whether serious or humorous, the right "line" can stand alone, transcend the need for an accompanying visual, and become iconic in its own right.

Upward Move

Upward Move: Paul O'Neil

Paul O'Neil, President, Ogilvy CommonHealth ­Wellness Marketing

At Work With

At Work With: Tim Frank

Tim Frank, Managing partner, Triple Threat Communications


People Moves: June 2013

Manufacturer and agency promotions and hires

Back Talk

Idea still trumps everything

The octane of the idea determines how well a digital tactic performs

Skill Sets (advertising section)