Merck to launch its own prescription discount program

Merck will be going it alone Monday when it launches its independent prescription discount program.                                                 Merck chose not to participate in the recently launched Together Rx Access program, which provides discounts on drugs manufactured by 11 major pharma companies. Instead, the Merck Prescription Discount Program will provide discounts to all uninsured Americans, regardless of age or income, with easy and immediate access to discounts of 15 to 40 percent off many Merck medicines, Merck said. Together Rx Access limits membership based on income. The Merck Prescription Drug Program and the Merck Patient Assistant Program will also be available through state-level prescription drug clearinghouse programs and the Partnership for Prescription Assistance, a national initiative launched by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America earlier this month to bring together member companies' patient assistance and discount programs in a single point of access.