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Mobile Apps Relieve Confusion for All Hospital- Goers—Yes, Even Grandpa

In this webinar, we'll discuss how mobile apps are changing the healthcare journey for patients and visitors from all walks of life.

HOW DOCTORS SOCIALIZE ONLINE Medical Crowdsourcing in the Virtual Doctor’s Lounge

Join other industry leaders to gain insight on this new medical social phenomenon.

Strategies to Increase the Value of Drug Therapy

Value is a concept that concerns all healthcare stakeholders.

Deconstructing Script Abandonment: New Perspectives on Why Patients Don't Fill

In this webinar Zitter Health Insights will deconstruct script abandonment and provide you key findings around the impact on patient outcomes.

Webcasts On Demand

In It To Win It: How to Land an MM&M Award

This webcast will review the basics: what to include in the entry, writing Dos and Don'ts from the pros, and a rundown of what's changed in the 2015 Awards program.

Transforming Multichannel Content Distribution

Join Paul Shawah, VP, Product Marketing at Veeva on September 24 for an insightful webinar to explore how to make your multichannel marketing more efficient.

Delighting Your Customer through Multichannel Customer Engagement

Today's life sciences customers expect service delivered on their terms. They want the convenience of email, phone, web, and face-to-face - all personalized, all coordinated. The typical experience they receive as a consumer.

The New World of the Customer Experience - Not Your Daddy's Call Center

In this webcast, we will talk about how TrialCard's Customer Experience Center has become the focal point of our business - from inbound support for pharmacies, physicians, and patients through teledetailing and whitespace management to insurance verification and marketing research.

Green light, or go slow: What FDA's new draft guidance means for social media in pharma

While not the last word on the subject, the agency's latest social media guidance was a good step forward. This informative webcast is designed to dissect the guidance and help brand directors and communication managers, whether currently engaging in social media or looking to do so, apply the rules now.

Co-pay Programs in the Crosshairs: An Evidence-based Response to Critics

We've heard the continuous drumbeat from payers and PBMs: "Co-pay programs interfere with generic substitution!" "They subvert cost-sharing 'strategies' that payers put in place!" "They increase health care costs!" That's what they say, but what's the real truth? This presentation uses payers' own data to uncover the surprising evidence supporting co-pay offset programs.

Using Analytics to Maximize Copay Program Effectiveness

As manufacturers began to shift from pure product sampling strategies to more blended ones comprised of sampling, vouchers, and copays, the advantages generated were clearly evident: the entire cost of the product was no longer always being subsidized. As such, manufacturers were content to receive data on the numbers of redemptions, patients, and prescribers participating. However, as the copay industry has matured, these measures have become less and less adequate. Instead, pharmaceutical manufacturers are looking to analytics, with their rich sources of evidence, demonstrations of convincing payback, and sophisticated predictive models as requirements of their patient access suppliers. In this webcast, TrialCard provides an overview of the analytic data that we use to help our manufacturers to design the most effective campaigns and to assess their effectiveness.

Effective targeting to healthcare professional audiences

Two presenters will be exploring effective targeting to healthcare professional audiences from two different perspectives. Scott Weintraub will discuss the value in segmenting the physician audience by geography, and R.J. Lewis will explain how informed targeting to authenticated prescribers can be done effectively online.

How marketing tactics affect patient adherence

Healthcare providers agree that the toughest challenge to treating patients is neither the effectiveness of their medication, nor issues with access and affordability. It's getting the patient to take their medicine as prescribed. And for the brand marketer, the new growth frontier resides on the sloping shoulders of patient adherence.

Making Big Data and Advanced Analytics Work in Pharma Marketing

Pharmaceutical marketers are grappling with both the exciting potential and daunting challenges associated with Big Data. By focusing on the wealth of data captured from non-personal promotions and inbound and outbound prescriber interactions, marketers can apply advanced analytics to create a 360 view of their customer and deliver relevant, personalized offers.

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