For Blake Schiller, healthcare marketing is personal. His passion for the industry was cemented when his wife, who is a Type 1 diabetic, got pregnant. Because of her condition, the pregnancy was labeled high-risk. Luckily the couple’s healthcare provider was able to recommend an app that helped them manage and mitigate risk factors during the pregnancy. The experience was a firsthand lesson in how healthcare communications can directly impact patients. 

Schiller entered the industry working on the business team at Digitas Health. From there, he was hired by AstraZeneca, where he spent six years leading the company’s mobile strategy and customer engagement initiatives. 

Two years ago, Schiller joined Amag’s consumer digital marketing team, helping launch the manufacturer’s first social media campaign. Thanks to his work ethic and skill set, he was quickly promoted — first to spearhead the rollout of Vyleesi, an as-needed therapy for hypoactive sexual desire disorder, and then to head marketing for Amag’s entire women’s health portfolio. During his time leading the Vyleesi brand team, he helped launch a highly successful campaign on Facebook, which leveraged social influencer activation and custom content to drive engagement.

“Blake is unmatched in his ability to not only have incredible vision but in his ability to also execute upon it,” said Meghan Rivera, an SVP at Amag. “Being a change agent on the inside of the pharma industry is not easy. It takes passionate persistence, leadership and relentless commitment. Blake embodies all of those traits.”