In 2014, Brian Stevens joined Evolution Road, a marketing consultancy, as an engagement manager. He quickly proved himself on a number of company initiatives, including spearheading new tactical plans and piloting its new staffing model for engaging with  healthcare providers. 

In the role, he also developed what is now referred to as the “digital Rx,” a measurement model for evaluating digital marketing investments using emerging data vendors, such as Crossix and Symphony. 

Prior to Evolution Road, Stevens had a long career working in healthcare marketing, with stints at Strategic Domain, Sudler, Cadient Group and Medscape. During this time, he worked on a number of important client projects, including an HCP-targeted website for

Sanofi, a paid-search campaign for Novartis and a revamped digital strategy for sample and materials ordering for Pfizer. 

“Like Forrest Gump, Brian has been present at important moments of the emergence of digital marketing in pharma,” said Stephen Kimm, Evolution Road’s VP of strategy. “Unlike Forrest, Brian has actually actively shaped those moments. Across 20 years of pharmaceutical marketing, Brian has pioneered the activities that mainstream pharma digital marketing takes for granted.”

In addition to his professional work, Stevens is an active support of the National Alopecia Areata foundation. Diagnosed with the condition at age 11, he completely lost his hair by age 13 and is now passionate about mentoring, supporting and caring for children with the condition.