An account supervisor at Closerlook, Carly Wolfe works on healthcare communication campaigns that aim to improve the quality of patient care. A large part of the job depends on her ability to successfully create and develop relationships with brands, as well as patients and other key stakeholders.

Wolfe started her career as a lab assistant at a cardiac care center, which gave her a front-row seat to how healthcare operates on the ground level. Armed with this knowledge, she took a role as a technical recruiter for a pharma firm, identifying top talent for critical IT, engineering and pharmaceutical positions at several Fortune 500 companies.

From there, Wolfe spent six years working at a private ophthalmology practice, where she assisted with patient care in pediatric and general ophthalmology, educated patients about treatment plans and accumulated more than 300 hours of operating room experience.

Since joining Closerlook, Wolfe has continued to jump at opportunities to grow her skill set. “Powered by the belief that everything is a learning opportunity, Carly accepts constructive feedback better than anyone and immediately implements behavioral changes to further accelerate her growth and development,” said Nikkie Jones, former managing director at Closerlook. “She comes with batteries included as an independent, lifelong learner willing to go the extra mile to enhance her career and her worldview.”