Despite his relative youth, Drew Oxendine-Burns is already a seasoned project manager with more than 10 years of healthcare advertising experience. He began his career at Scientific Voice as a key opinion leader speaker program coordinator. From there, Oxendine-Burns joined Williams-Labadie, a healthcare agency that has since been acquired by Razorfish Health, where he worked in integrated marketing and advertising across healthcare provider, patient, and DTC audiences.

Oxendine-Burns was hired by AbelsonTaylor in 2014 as a project manager, and has recently advanced to associate director. Since joining the agency, he has worked across five new campaigns and two new indications and administration launches, and his input has been crucial in the development of award-winning campaigns, including work for Coolief and Botox.

In addition to his efforts on behalf of clients, Oxendine-Burns also improved the agency’s workflow by implementing a new project management system, piloting software and integrating learnings from a workshop he attended on emotional intelligence. 

“Drew has become one of our most well-respected managers, providing mentorship and guidance to nearly 20 product managers during his tenure in a managerial role, several of whom have been promoted under his leadership,” said Jeanine Koch, an EVP at AbelsonTaylor. “His teams find him to be a thoughtful, strong leader with the ability to problem-solve through any situation.”