Emily Tallman has long believed that the greatest asset a marketer can have is the ability to connect brands and consumers in meaningful ways. During her more than 10 years in the industry, she has worked to perfect this skill. Today, her marketing expertise spans dermatology, hematology, oncology, pediatric and adult vaccines, CNS, pain, men’s health, urology, rare disease and corporate communications.

Tallman joined GSW four years ago as a group art supervisor. Since then, she has worked with both billion-dollar brands and smaller startups. Recently, Tallman partnered with Shire to create its disease state awareness campaign for binge eating disorder, and led the pediatric vaccines franchise for Sanofi Pasteur, the category’s market leader. She was also an integral player behind the agency’s award-winning disease education campaign for Endo Pharmaceuticals for Peyronie’s disease, a connective tissue disorder that causes an erect penis to bend painfully.

The assets “might have made for awkward conversation,” said colleague Elizabeth Stelzer. “But the accessible and engaging campaign helped break down shame, isolation and stigma.” What’s more, the disease awareness campaign helped elevate Endo Pharmaceuticals’ treatment, driving a sales increase of 24% in 2018. 

Tallman is an engaged and thoughtful leader who believes in the importance of giving back. Along with other GSW employees, last year Tallman volunteered with the Family Services Association of Bucks County, a nonprofit organization that serves families and community members in need, including the homeless.