Heather Beach started her career on the client side, working as a performance analyst at the outdoor sporting goods retailer Bass Pro Shops. The job was a valuable lesson in how big businesses operate. In her seven years with the company, she performed many key roles, including reporting on campaign performance, optimizing the marketing mix and managing a team of analysts.

Her first job on the agency side of things was as the director of digital analytics at Barkley, where she spent nearly four years building the agency’s analytics program into a fully functional analytics practice.

In 2017, Beach joined Intouch as senior director of analytics. In the role, she has helped the company improve and grow its analytics capabilities. Beach currently manages a team of analysts in Kansas and supports a variety of healthcare clients across the country, in spaces ranging from chronic conditions to rare disease to cosmetics. 

“Beach has proven that to be successful in analytics, you can’t simply rely only on analysts. Success and differentiation require collaboration with account, planning, relationship marketing, media and more,” said Haley Haislet, a marketing and communications manager at Intouch. 

Described by her manager as a diamond in the rough, Beach has the rare ability to see both the forest and trees as she navigates the ever-changing healthcare landscape on behalf of her clients.