Katie Busse started her marketing career more than 10 years ago, working in brand management for an eco-friendly cosmetic brush brand. On the job, she learned valuable lessons about female consumers’ expectations for consumer packaged goods. She was also exposed to multiple aspects of the business in addition to marketing and public relations, including research and development, trendspotting and competitive analytics. 

From there, Busse joined Medela, a medical device and vacuum technology company, as a product manager responsible for overseeing its breast pumps business. Since then, she’s been promoted to a senior social and digital comms marketing manager. Heading up a team of four, Busse is responsible for the company’s entire branded social media and digital paid media efforts in the U.S., an umbrella that includes: strategy development, agency management, planning, content management, data analytics and crisis and diversity efforts. 

Her driving mission — one that is professional as well as personal — is to broaden the conversation around breastfeeding and increase support for breastfeeding mothers. As part of this effort, Busse spearheaded a Medela campaign in which influencers shared their post-partum stories in order to more realistically depict how challenging breastfeeding can be for new moms. The spot was a hit on social media, where it generated more than 1.3 million engagements, and was honored with multiple awards, including an ADDY,  a Shorty and a Webby for Good.