A member of Fingerpaint’s marketing team, Maskaly spearheads the agency’s social media, content creation and thought leadership efforts across its four offices. 

Before joining Fingerpaint, Maskaly held a series of editorial roles. Immediately prior to taking a position at Fingerpaint, Maskaly was a senior editor in UBM Iselin’s life sciences group. Prior to that, she held positions at a variety of media companies, including Bloomberg, Bloomberg TV, Fox News Channel and Gannett.

Throughout her career, Maskaly has developed a track record for launching smart, strategic initiatives in each of the industries she has worked in. This includes relaunching a B2B publication, an effort that required her to hire and manage the outlet’s entire editorial and freelance staff, in addition to creating all of its branding, marketing and sales materials. Maskaly also developed and co-hosted a life sciences podcast, which featured interviews with biotech and pharma executives. 

“Maskaly is passionate, driven and truly looking to contribute to something that is larger than herself. She contributes to not only the industry at large, but also to her local community, from her daily actions to the larger projects,” said Rachel Benoit, one of her colleagues at Fingerpaint. “No matter the industry Maskaly finds herself in, she invests herself in sharing all that she has learned during her time in the professional world.”