An industry veteran with more than a decade of experience working in pharmaceutical marketing, Nick Spuhler joined Fingerpaint in 2019. 

Despite beginning his career in the creative Siberia of access and reimbursement, his professional ascent within the industry was swift. By the age of 26, he was already a creative director, managing nine accounts and $4 million to $5 million in business.

Prior to Fingerpaint, Spuhler worked at CDM New York. Upon starting at the agency, he quickly established himself as a creative force, earning four promotions in four years and winning several industry awards along the way. 

At CDM, Spuhler was a member of HealthWork, a joint venture between the company and BBDO that served healthcare clients. During his tenure at HealthWork, the team achieved a year-over-year new business win rate of 66%. His overall performance was so impressive CDM created a new internal trophy, the da Vinci Award, to recognize Spuhler as “someone who can seemingly do anything.” 

“When I think of the type of person and level of talent that will shape the future of our industry, I think of someone like Nick,” said Ed Mitzen, founder of Fingerpaint. 

“There’s something special about him,” added Scott Watson, the creative lead at Fingerpaint’s Conshohocken office. “Nick is a truly unique creative mind who is at his best when the stakes are high and the creative challenge at hand is difficult.”