Ex-Razorfish VP jumps to imc2 shop

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One theory of career relativity states that the acquisition of an agency equals a management restructuring, and a management restructuring equals heads rolling.

Lisa Flaiz, vice president, strategic growth and innovation at imc2 health & wellness, didn't wait around to see how things would shake out.

imc2 spun off health and wellness during the first quarter as a separate business, a separate PNL [profit and loss], and they have dedicated talent” to health clients, said Flaiz. She was previously VP, group director, national pharma practice lead at now Publicis-owned Razorfish.

In her new role, Flaiz will oversee clients including Shire, GlaxoSmithKline, Bayer HealthCare and Serono, in addition to any new pharma clients the agency brings in to the fold. Flaiz is at the reins of the health & wellness business at imc2, an enviable position from her standpoint.

In Philadelphia, Razorfish kept an informal health practice, and though pharma clients comprised the bulk of the work in that office, Flaiz said she wasn't “feeling the love.” There were also “layers and structures that didn't give me much headroom,” she said.

Flaiz said imc2's case studies inside and outside of pharma are making the rounds and “leading the pack in emerging media solutions.”

She also said the agency's philosophy is different in terms of adding value. “imc2 health & wellness is focused on building sustainable relationships with our customers,” said Flaiz, adding that she's already seen evidence of these values in the few meetings and pitches that she has attended so far.

Publicis completed its $530 million acquisition of Razorfish from Microsoft in mid-October, paying $286 million in cash and turning over 6.5 million shares. The shares give Microsoft a 3.3% stake in the company, according to reports.

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