The three leaders of Minds + Assembly are very clear about their place in the medical marketing agency landscape. Above all else, they view their company as a “design force for good.” That means the usual focus on strategy and analytics, yes, but also equal attention on instilling joy and beauty in their every creation.

By way of example, cofounder, design Stephen Minasvand points to Minds + Assembly’s work for the One Love Foundation on a national PSA about relationship health and domestic abuse.  During its first month, the effort generated 19 million views, 40 million impressions and a 95% increase in new visitors to the nonprofit’s website, Minds + Assembly reports.

Minasvand says the One Love effort showcases the agency’s ability to move clients forward in a faster and more effective — and less expensive — way.

“In this case, we were able to work within budgetary constraints to launch a campaign nationally that transcended expectations in every regard,” he notes. “It brought new engagement to the website for people to learn about what healthy relationships and unhealthy relationships look like. The work went toward a good cause.”

Minasvand and fellow cofounders Joelle Friedland (client service) and Ben Ingersoll (writing) note that while 2022 was ultimately a year of growth, it also offered plenty of time for reflection on the contrast between the pre-pandemic “normal” and post-COVID expectations. They believe that the medical marketing business lags other verticals in the realm of creative technology, which has opened a lane for the agency’s emphasis on content and visuals.

This prompted the agency to establish Studio 164, a facility that allows Minds + Assembly to control the production process from start to finish. Clients who took advantage of the new offering during 2022 included Leo Pharma, Takeda and Sarepta Therapeutics. The agency also added engagements with Reset Pharma, Envzyvant, Fractyl Health and Ambit during the year.

Those additions contributed to Minds + Assembly’s 10% growth during 2022, to $48.3 million from $44 million in 2021. Head count jumped from 132 people at the start of the year to 160 at the end of it. Among the key arrivals was managing director, client service Randi Baerson, who joined the agency from Entrée Health.

A piece of news that dropped in early May will have an outsize impact on Minds + Assembly’s evolution in the months and years ahead: PE firm Amulet Capital Partners has taken a significant stake in the agency. Friedland, Ingersoll and Minasvand, who will continue to lead the company, have big plans to capitalize on the investment. 

“With Amulet, our expanding offerings will be more than just growth accelerators. They will be competition killers — and even more importantly, client partner-makers,” Ingersoll says.

So with the “rocket fuel” investment from Amulet duly secured, what does that mean for the future arc of Minds + Assembly? What is its ultimate goal? Ingersoll has a succinct answer: 

“We want to be No. 1 on the MM+M Agency 100 list.”

. . .

Our marketing role model…

What does an extreme skier/BASE jumper/all-around adrenaline junkie have to do with marketing? For us, quite a lot. Shane McConkey was our first role model and remains a continuing inspiration. We are fascinated by his seemingly reckless feats as an extreme athlete — ”seemingly,” because they were all planned with great precision. Just as important is his love for the people around him and his desire to get absolutely everything possible from life. He motivates us to take educated risks and to be better at what we do, as professionals and human beings. Our main conference room is named after him. — Friedland

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