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2022 revenue: $10.4 million

The agency formerly known as HCB Health spent considerable time during COVID-19 thinking about its brand identity and whether it would play in a post-pandemic world.

“I was hitting a brick wall trying to figure out what this thing was that we were becoming,” recalls founder, partner and CEO Kerry Hilton. “A new culture was emerging in our firm, and there was a little bit of stagnation around the HCB brand.”

Thus, in February, the agency was reborn as Boundless Life Sciences Group, a moniker that reflects the company’s mindset and ambition. “It’s not just a name for a company; it’s a vision for something that needs to be built,” Hilton explains. “It comes to life online and when we show up at client meetings. We wear it.”

Boundless is on pace to nearly double last year’s results in 2023, with Hilton projecting $18 million in revenue; and the agency hopes to close on as many as four acquisitions (including one in medcomms and one in commercial consulting) before the calendar turns to 2024. Meanwhile, by the time you read this, Boundless will likely have brought in a new GM to lead the company alongside Hilton and partner, chief commercial officer Francesco Lucarelli.

“Healthcare will always be our biggest pillar, but we’re going to move into financial and tech work under the Boundless Group umbrella. It will be 80% health and 10% for each of the other two,” Hilton says. “There’s going to be so much more for us to do as we find other like-minded people who want to tap into our culture and our momentum.”

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