2022 revenue: $10.5 million

Brick City Greenhouse’s 2022 came with its share of headaches, in part owing to products that didn’t pass muster with the Food and Drug Administration. But the agency came out of it stronger owing to a conscious decision to concentrate on what it does best — or, more specifically, for whom it works best.

The agency is now choosing to focus on two distinct types of client organizations: startups commercializing a product or products for the first time, and what cofounder and client lead Renée Wills refers to as “underserved brands.”

“I don’t think either of those client types get what they need from current agency models,” she explains. “What they have in common is a need for a higher amount of high-level attention.” In 2022, BCG restructured around that renewed focus, going down in overall head count but going up in its volume of experienced talent.

The new approach means that BCG has respectfully passed on a number of assignments that it might previously have considered. “We feel it’s really important for us to put out there what types of companies are best served by us as an agency. Not every agency is right for every client,” says cofounder and content lead Fred Kinch.

On a different front, BCG ventured into the world of media with Thoughts From the Greenhouse. Clips from the monthly podcast have already found a home on Instagram and LinkedIn.

“It’s not another advertising podcast talking to itself. We’ve framed it as tips from a communications agency point of view that marketers can use in their everyday jobs,” Kinch says.

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